Frisco Training Pads, Not Just For Training!

We all know that training pads are a must when you have a new puppy, however, I am going to tell you about why they are of such good use in our home and we don't have puppies!

We have a small chihuahua named Bullet. He's my baby, but when I have to go out and run to the bank or store etc. he's home alone (with other fur babies of course). However, he can't hold his bladder as well as my other dogs, not sure if it's due to his size or just stubborn. When I go out, I leave pee pads (training pads) on the floor, so that if he has to go while I'm out there isn't any accidents. It works great!

It's nice to come home and pick up a pee pad than a mess! So if you are training a new puppy, have a small dog or a dog that "can't hold it" while you're out than these are great! So, a little about this product in particular.

They have a built in dog attractant so that it gives them a sense of where to go. There are five layers of protection, so they aren't thin and don't leak. They come in a variety of size packages depending on how often you need them. They are priced right and affordable on

Here's what it looks like when in my kitchen:

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