The 2016 Mazda 6

I need a car that is good on gas, not only because I'm on a budget like most people but because I'm thrifty as well. So, when I realized that the Mazda 6 gets an average of 32MPG and is priced at MSRP $30,195 I thought it was the perfect combo! Affordable and economical also!

Not only is it easy on the bank account, it's easy on the eye! 

It's a very sporty car, sleek and stylish! Makes a good family car or single person car. Since it's so good on gas, anyone can benefit from this amazing car!

So, aside from gushing over the looks and the gas mileage, how did it drive? Well, let's just say I was completely comfortable driving this and so was my chihuahua in the passenger seat!

It was an extremely smooth ride, so every little bump he wasn't up and looking around. He was happy and content!

The steering wheel had a nice grip, and the dash was stylish. My favorite part was the "pop up" screen that showed you your MPH. I felt fancy, like I had a projector in the car :)

There was plenty of leg room, and the drivers seat was super comfortable. My husband also enjoyed the passenger seat when my dog wasn't hogging it :) My husband is 6'0 and had plenty of leg room.

The back seat was quite roomy also and allowed me to stick all my things in the back that I was taking to donate.

The radio and heat/AC were simple to use, self explanatory. Looked fancy, but not complicated!

This car was a dream to drive, it was so smooth. Just ask the sleeping chihuahua in the front seat :)

I would recommend this to anyone who needs a economical vehicle but doesn't want to sacrifice style! 

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