Beets Products Make Your Every Day A Little Easier!

Recently I received 2 Beets products to use, and I love them! The first was this Beets BLU Wireless Key Finder and man is it helpful! I lose my keys all the time, so with technology and my iPhone, this thing is mega smart!

It's small enough to take with you, throw it in your purse or attach it  to your bag. Works with iPhones & most Android devices. 

If you are like me and need a little extra help remember where you put things, this is for you! Also makes a great gift for anyone with the same problem of losing stuff!

The remote buttons (commands) were simple to use.

Next is the Beets BLU Bluetooth Wireless Heart Rate Monitor. It was extremely simple to use, and easy to put on and off. The strap was comfortable, and didn't irritate.

It's a great way to check your heart rate while working out. Makes a great gift for the avid runner as well! It connected easily with my iPhone but also connects with some Android devices.

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