Hartz Loves Dogs!

Bullet received a package of goodies from Hartz, and he was in love with them! (He was into the toys and treats I liked the wee wee pads!)

Let's start off with the pads, because that's essential in my home. Having a little dog, although he is house trained, he can't hold it for long periods of time so he uses a pad when I'm not home. After a few hours, he'll need to go and if I am running errands he uses his wee wee pad. 

I was happy with the size and thickness of the pad, because spreading is a problem for him. Since he's a male and lifts his leg, it tends to streak. This worked great because it didn't spread at all!  They offer scented and unscented as well which is a huge bonus for me. I was worried at first that it might deter him from using it, but no and that made me happy! This way if I am out and he uses it, I won't smell pee when I walk in! (Not the most welcoming smell) 

He loved the toys, his favorite was the elephant and he even offered to share the tiger with his sister Sadie!

They had a lot of fun playing with their new toys! Sadie is one to destruct a toy if it's not "tough" and this held up, which I was glad. I was also happy that it was a "smaller" size because a lot of dog toys are too big for Bullet, but these were his size!

I also received some flea & tick products for Bullet and I'm very impressed with them. As you know now is a time for fleas and ticks everywhere here in VA, and this worked great. He didn't have any issues, and it was easy to apply. 

A big thank you to Hartz for letting us try these amazing products! We would recommend them to ANYONE! All of these products did the job, the dogs were happy with the toys & most of all I was ecstatic that the pee pads didn't leak! 

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