Hero Clean Great Idea For Fathers Day!

Fathers Day is fast approaching, but what do we get our dads? Our husbands/boyfriends? Stuff they already have is out, another tie is out, but don't pull out your hair yet because Hero Clean's got you covered!

Hero Clean offers products specifically tailored to men! Specifically household cleaning items that your man is sure to love. My husband doesn't exactly like to smell like perfume, or floral scent boosters that I throw in the wash nor does he enjoy washing his hands to the scent of lilacs or daisies. He was super anxious to try out these products, and they didn't disappoint!

The odor eliminator came in handy great at home. With three dogs and 4 cats we are constantly (ok me) spraying some type of odor eliminator usually smelling of flowers. This was right up my husbands alley, it smelled "manly" and really worked on getting rid of any animal odors in our home.

Next, he tried the laundry detergent. I must say it certainly made his uniforms smell great and it worked like a charm. His uniforms came out clean, with no fading!

He also tried the liquid dish soap after cooking. It cleaned up those greasy pots and pans in a snap!

Last but not least was the all purpose cleaner. He took this to work for the ultimate test! It worked great! Being able to clean in the firehouse after a bunch of stinky fireman are all sweaty from being out in the heat and doing what they got to do, keeping the area free from germs and clean is a must! But why sacrifice a great scent for a good clean? Now, they don't have to!

Be sure to pick some up for that special man in your life! You can easily get it at Target too! Great last minute Fathers Day gift idea!

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