From Home With Love

Ever want to send something that you made to a family member or friend but knew that it wouldn't get there unspoiled? Sending meals and homemade foods to others is a great way to ensure that someone alone has a home cooked meal or just a nice way to show someone you're thinking about them. Now, there's a way you can do that! Thanks to From Home With Love, homemade meal delivery just got easier! What a great way to keep your loved ones close when they're homesick!

You can schedule pick up and drop off times on the website, making the process super simple and ensures fast delivery. 

With the reusable insulated container kit it saves money on shipping perishable items or having to pay to overnight something. 
All of the instructions are easy to follow, and you'll be sent exactly what you need! Your box will arrive to you like this:

The brown box can de thrown away or recycled, the white box is what you'll be using to ship that yummy food!

You'll find six gel packs that are used to keep your food "on ice" during the shipping process:

You'll also receive a plastic leak resistant food container to put the food in. The lid has a time temperature indicator (TTI) to show if there was a temperature issue while your food was being shipped, it's a wonderful safety feature for your loved one when they receive it!

All of the instructions are listed for you step by step to ensure proper packaging, and since you'll be supplied with everything you need to ship it, it's a win win!

They also offer "how to videos" that can be found on their website in the FAQ section.

You can feel secure knowing that you are sending your loved one a home cooked meal safely, packaged correctly in BPA Free containers!

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