Keep Your Pets Squeaky Clean With John Paul Pet Products

It's summer, so your pets will want to be out enjoying the sun just like you, but we all know what that fur smells like after the hot sun! Even if they are only outside a half hour playing, my dogs fur smells awful, not to mention when it rains! 

That's where John Paul Pet comes in! They offer pet grooming products that are beneficial to your furry pup. Their products are not tested on animals, which is important to me.

We take care of our hair with the best shampoos and conditioners, let's do the same for our pups!

I received the tea tree shampoo and conditioning spray. I must say that after using it my dogs hair was super soft, I could notice the difference right away after his hair dried.

The shampoo lathered up great and the conditioning spray was super simple to use. It smelled pleasant, nothing overbearing and best of all it did not irritate Bullet's skin whatsoever! 

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