Summer Must Have's For Your Pup's Vacation!

If you're like me, than you want to bring your dogs with you on vacation! It's fun, makes them part of your family even more & it gives them a new environment to check out and sniff around and possibly make new friends! They need their food and water and possibly their favorite blanky's and bowls, but their are a few other essentials that you should think about while packing!

Treats are essential because it entices your dog to behave because they want that treat right? So be sure to bring some tasty and natural treats to give them a reward for being good on their travel with you. I like these organic dog treats because they love them but I also can feel confident knowing they are getting a healthy reward and not junk! Kaleb's Organics style= are a favorite staple in  my house.

Dog boots are important because it helps you keep that nice house you are renting clean from those muddy feet on rainy days! There are a lot of places that charge a bundle for pets and extra fees for cleaning, so let's not let them give us a reason for even more $! We love the  Paw Tech Boots style=.

Busy bones are great for when you want/need to go somewhere that dogs aren't allowed. If you are bringing Fido along with you most places but then leave him for a little while alone, he might get fidgety or bored. Smart Bones style= are a favorite with my guys. They are healthy, last a while and good tasting.

Portable water bowl makes life much easier on the road with your fur baby! Sturdi style= offers portable water bowls that are foldable and water tight, I literally just leave it in my glove box on the road and then when we pull over put some water in it. They love it because they get their drink, and I love it because it's convenient and clean!

Where will you be bringing your pup on vacation? 

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