Keep Your Home Smelling Litter Free With Boxiecat!

I have 4 cats in the house and someone needs to stay on top of that litterbox and clean it out all the time so that it doesn't stink. I've noticed that sometimes no matter how well I clean it or scoop, sometimes there would still be an odor. It really bugged me. Some litters have a fragrance in them, so even though the litter is clean, it still has a "smell" I don't like. 

That's why I was thrilled when I tried Boxiecat Scent Free Premium Clumping Clay Cat Litter. It's all natural, so right away I knew it wasn't going to smell like chemicals and it was better for my cats. It completely eliminated the smell of the litterbox and I couldn't be happier!

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I am in love! My cats also liked it, I didn't have any issues switching over to this with them. They used it right away.

It is 99% dust free, which is great because there's nothing worse than having a clean litterbox and pouring the litter in and getting a puff of chemically dust in the face!

It clumps pretty well, which makes scooping easy. It really helped with the odor and lasted longer than the usual brand I used. It's soft on paws, and gentle on your nose!

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I would recommend this litter to anyone who has cats. It's perfect!

You can head over to to get some today! They also carry a variety of pet products that are delivered right to your door! I use them for most of my pet needs and shipping is lightning fast!

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