Alternating Pressure Mattress Helps With Needed Bed Rest

There are a lot of injuries and ailments that might lead a person to need to relax more often than others. Sometimes, a person will need to stay in bed off their feet so long that it actually tends to bother them more than if they didn't lay at all! That's where the Alternating Pressure Mattress comes in!

It is designed to provide relief to the person who needs to be in bed longer than average, by having heat sealed air bubbles for extra support and even weight disbursement.

The pump is extremely quiet and has a variable pressure dial so you can be sure to have an uninterrupted nights sleep comfortably. This will fit over a hospital bed, but I also recommend it to anyone who has their own average bed as well. It's extremely easy to set up on your bed, and allows you to remove it easily as well. Below is a picture of what it looks like just draped on the bed so that you can get a better idea of the product:

Here are some of the features as seen on the box:

    Provides relief from sore spots and pressure ulcers to those bedridden for extensive period of time.
    Equipped with sealed air bubbles, engineered for even support and weight disbursements.
    Flexible, non-binding hose makes installation easy and simple.
    Provides precise airflow using a pressure dial, allowing for customized sleep settings.
    Pump works quietly throughout the night and does not disturb your sleep.
    Heavy-duty vinyl allows the mattress to support up to 300 lbs.

I was happy to provide this to my dad to use and review. He has a really bad back and he said it did help!

There are fixing straps attached so that you can secure it to your bed as desired. You can also put a sheet over top of it and sleep that way, a fitted sheet will work as well!

If you or anyone you know could use some relief, I strongly suggest this product! The controls are easy to use, and it comest with a one year guarantee! 

It is extremely affordably priced and can be purchased on Amazon at the link here.

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