Bailey Took The 30 Day Nutro Wild Frontier Dog Food Challenge!

Bailey was recently given the opportunity to try the Nutro Wild Frontier Dog Food from for 30 days so that I could see how she liked it and also monitor the benefits given to her from the healthy nutrients in the food! 

I chose the Cold Water Recipe for her because she loves Salmon! When the bag arrived I was impressed at the detail on the bag, there were so many benefits listed on the bag and the graphic was amazing. It seemed as though a lot of care was put into the bags design, which made me think that if they cared that much about making the bag look good, than they really must put a lot of healthy effort into the food!

Some of the benefits listed on the bag were:

High Protein
Grain Free
Provides Energy
Helps Support Strong Lean Body
Great Tasting
Made With Quality Ingredients

The first ingredient is Salmon! Nothing that you can't pronounce or understand what it even is. I felt confident in giving it to her and was anxious to see how she liked it and to see if there were any noticeable changes in her appearance and stamina. 

Stay tuned for my second post in this 30 day challenge Bailey took, which will be the positive changes I noticed that she received from this food! 

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