Baileys Noticeable Improvements On The Nutro Wild Frontier Cold Water Recipe Dog Food 30 Day Challenge!

In my previous post, I told you about a challenge Bailey is taking with Nutro Wild Frontier Cold Water Recipe Grain Free Dog Food. This time, I want to tell you about the things I noticed changing in her (in a good way) during this challenge!

The first thing I noticed was that she had an easy time eating the food. The kibble was a perfect size, not too small and not too large. With large pieces she tends to bite them and they go all over the floor, and the small pieces she just simply inhales which isn't good. So, this being a medium size kibble was perfect for her and she "burped" less after eating because she wasn't inhaling her food. I liked the fact that she didn't get it all over the floor as well!

Her hair, which is usually coarse, seemed somewhat softer to me. I would assume it is because there are so many nutrients in the food, but I'm certainly happy about it! I decided to brush her so I could get a better look at her hair without any fidgeting around, and it just seemed so soft!

The other benefit she had, I noticed was more "regularity". She seemed to go more often, in a good way, it seems her digestive system was working well on this food. 

Stay tuned for the final post in this challenge for my thoughts all around :)

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