Wellness Canned Food, A Healthy Grain-Free Dog Food

Bailey loves canned food. I don't like feeding her any old type of food, I like it to be healthy and made with ingredients that I can pronounce! That's why I was happy when I received some Wellness CORE Grain-Free Turkey Lovers Variety Pack Canned Dog Food for her. 

Being able to feed her something she enjoys makes me happy, knowing it's actually good for her makes me happier still!

They are packed with vitamins and minerals to give your pup a nutrient packed meal for dinner! Made with real meat, there's no substitutes! Also it's grain and gluten free. Perfect for dogs with picky tummies and digestive issues. Not all dogs stomachs are "rock solid". I have three dogs and each of them is different!

There is no corn, wheat or soy so it's a food that even the pickiest stomachs will like.

If you're looking for a great soft food for your pup, look no further. Bailey is thrilled with hers! Here she is sleeping on a full tummy!

You can get some for your pup at Chewy.com as well as a whole bunch of other pet items!

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