Big Bad Breakfast!!!!!!!

My husband is a big breakfast person, I'm not. I like simple breakfasts and something light, but he likes a whole meal. Sometimes it's hard to find a happy medium where we can both fix something easily and eat together. I was happy when I got the chance to review Big Bad Breakfast by John Currence.

It's a wonderful book filled with amazing recipes! My husband was thrilled and couldn't wait to check it out. He says he gets tired of the same old thing and wanted to read new recipes.

There are plenty of recipes in there, and the pictures are great! I like being able to get an idea of what my food is supposed to come out looking like after trying a recipe, so that was good for me!

This is so much more than just a cook book, it comes with "stories" that you can laugh/smile at while you're trying out them recipes & I love the idea of making a big breakfast meal for dinner!

If you're looking for new breakfast ideas or simply looking for a great gift this Holiday, than I suggest this book! Sure to make any "foodie" happy and full!

Order yours now conveniently from Amazon!

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