Money Saving Beauty Tips

Money Saving Beauty Tips

We all know that going to college is a big financial commitment, and you may end up feeling like you can’t afford all the beauty products and treatments you want. However, there are a lot of clever tricks out there to help your dollars stretch that bit further and still keep you feeling beautiful.

• Invest in a jar of coconut oil; it is incredibly versatile! You can not only use it as a healthy cooking oil, you can use it as a moisture boosting hair mask, as a moisturizing shaving lotion, combine it with brown sugar to create a body scrub, makeup remover, body moisturizer and sunburn care! A good quality 54 oz. jar of virgin coconut oil will cost approximately $25, so it’s relatively inexpensive!
• A bit of dry shampoo at the roots can add volume to fine hair.
• If your nails have yellowed from wearing dark nail polishes, try scrubbing them with whitening toothpaste!
• When you’re out shopping and getting a bit shiny, try blotting with a brown napkin from Starbucks!
• To get a matte version of your lipstick: apply your lipstick, place a tissue over your lips, and hold it there while brushing some powder over the top.
• Ran out of exfoliator? Try mixing some granulated sugar, brown sugar or oatmeal with honey to gently scrub your skin. Honey is also a natural antibacterial so it’s great for acne prone skin.
• To help get rid of blackheads, squeeze a lemon and add baking powder. Apply this to your skin for 20 min and rinse.
• Mix a bit of bronzer with your favorite body lotion for a quick boost of color.
• Cut large cotton pads in half as this is usually enough to apply toner etc.
• Combine your moisturizer with your foundation to create a tinted moisturizer for a more natural look.
• Applying a bit of toothpaste to a new blemish before bed can help reduce redness and bring it down overnight.
• No need to buy a special makeup brush shampoo as antibacterial hand wash works just as well. If it’s good enough for you skin, it’s good enough for your brushes, right?!
• Run out of eyeliner? Try using your mascara.

Beauty is something that should be fun, and help you feel good on the inside by boosting your confidence and helping you relax. You don’t have to spend lots of money to look and feel great, and hopefully these beauty tips prove that!

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