Southern Comfort Food For Dogs!

We all love comfort food, and I especially love it but my dogs get mad when I don't share! That's why when I found out that Merrick makes a grain-free smothered comfort food for dogs I couldn't wait to have Bailey try it out!

It's packed with carrots, sweet potatoes, red onions, red apples & REAL chicken thighs! It's so important to feed our dogs natural food that is good for them, but feeding them food that has ingredients you can't pronounce is not good! With this smothered comfort classic recipe, I could be sure that Bailey was getting natural vitamins & minerals and enjoying the taste!

There are no artificial colors or flavors so you can be sure your pup is getting healthy nutrients from this food! I love the thought put into this recipe, our dogs are part of our family so I'm glad we can feed them that way too! I like giving them things they enjoy without worrying about any preservatives etc. in their food!

You can see below the size of the chicken!

I have never seen such generous helpings in ANY can food before!

Bailey loved it, and she approves!

You can stop up from and have it shipped directly to your door! That's what we do :)

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