Peter: The Redemption Movie Review

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Peter: The Redemption is a movie starring one of the Baldwin brothers (Stephen), so I was excited to watch it because I love the Baldwin brothers and I think the entire family is great actors.

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Here is the description of the movie as seen on the IMDb website:

  • "Tormented by his denial of Christ, Peter spent his life attempting to atone for his failures. Now as he faces certain death at the hand of Nero, will he falter again, his weakness betray him or will he rise up triumphant in his final moment?"

It was a good movie and it depicts Peter's imprisonment in a way that makes the movie good for all viewers. There's no foul language or excessive violence, it's a story told with class and can be very informative for younger viewers.

It's easy to follow and keeps your attention. I would recommend this to anyone interested in religious shows/movies.

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