Sadie Enjoys Victor Hi-Pro Formula Dog Food

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Victor Hi-Pro Formula Dog Food is a dog food that is full of protein and nutrients for your pup. 

It is naturally formulated with vitamins and minerals so I was more than happy to feed it to my beagle Sadie. It supports a healthy digestive system and immune system as well. 

Image result for victor hi-pro dog food

It is also GMO free and contains no soy, wheat, corn or glutens.

Sadie enjoyed the food, emptied her bowl and still wanted more! I was pleased that she enjoyed it because it was so good for her, I like feeding her healthy foods. 

Sadie's empty bowl shows she enjoyed it!

If you are looking for a healthy food for your pup, look no further! It's packed with protein so you can be sure you are feeding your furry friend nothing but the best food for them.

This amazing dog food, as well as other items are available from and are delivered right to your door!

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