Litter Genie Is A Must For Any Cat Home!

Having cats in the house is a blessing and a curse! They provide so much love, but that litterbox????? Yuck! It's a pain cleaning it all the time, constantly running to the trash can and/or using a whole trash bag for a couple scoops if you don't have any small bags. Now, there is an amazing item called Litter Genie, and it is a cat litter disposal system! I got mine delivered from

You don't need to go to the trash everyday and take it out or waste big trash bags. With this, it literally seals away waste for up to 14 days! It's odorless and extremely convenient! 

It is more hygienic than just putting it in a trash bag because it contains the odor and protects from germs.

I love this and recommend it for any cat owner. Perfect idea for a gift as well!

Here is a video from Litter Genie showing you exactly how it works:

Thank you Litter Genie for making my cats litter easier on me!

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