Movie Night With The Ozeri Popcorn Maker!

I love staying in. When I was younger, going out and having a few beers with my friends was the best, but now, staying in and watching a movie is for me. That of course, goes without saying that ya need popcorn for that movie! I was thrilled when I was offered to try out the Ozeri OZP1 Movie Time 26 Cup Healthy Popcorn Maker!

Ozeri OZP1 Movie Time 26 Cup Healthy Popcorn Maker, Red

I love the fact that not only was it fun, but it was healthier. There wasn't a bunch of preservatives or additives to the popcorn and I could control the flavoring. Butter is amazing, but some prepackaged popcorn has a ton of it on there, and a pinch of salt will do me just fine :)

Priced exceptionally well at $26.95 on Amazon, it makes the neatest gift this Holiday Season for that person in your life who is a movie (or popcorn) buff!

It makes up to 26 cups in under 2 1/2 minutes so the whole family can enjoy! Also, it's a fun thing to do with the kids and get them involved!

It saves money because I bought some kernels at my local grocery store for around $4 and I've made 4 bowls of popcorn so far in it and I still have over 3/4 of the jar! You would spend $3 or $4 on a box of popcorn and it would only contain 5 or 6 bags! This is extremely economical.

You can also add butter so that it melts on there while it's popping, this way it's evenly coated!

I even vlogged about it on my youtube channel so you can see the way it worked below! (The popcorn maker part is at the end of this
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