The Fatal Gift Of Beauty Book Review

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I recently read the book Fatal Gift of Beauty written by Nina Burleigh.

The trial was all over the news some years back, so even thought I didn't follow the trial I had some knowledge of the case. I enjoy these types of books because it gives us, the reader, a different perspective that we wouldn't otherwise have unless we were there in the courtroom during the proceedings of her entire trial.

I loved how the book was written, I don't think that the writer portrayed her as innocent or guilty in the sense of forcing the reader to think one way or the other. It was well written and full of information.

I'm not so sure that the title fits for this book, The Fatal Gift Of Beauty gives the reader at first glance a false understanding that she was accused on her looks. I'm glad that the book was a little more factual. 

If you followed this trial than you should check out the book!

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