Vlogmas Day 17 All About That Chihuahua


  1. OMG I could have listened to Bullet FOREVER!! Such a cutie!! He was such a good boy at the Vet too! How did it go? Do you ever give him canned pumpkin? (you know, the non-sweetened stuff?) we did that when Cody got blocked and it helped! xoxo PS: Whenever Cody takes Prednisonol I have to give him pumpkin....he got a huge blockage from Pred once and had to have his glands expressed like Bullet. Not fun! :( xoxoxo DakotasDen

    1. Bullet has such a sensitive stomach so he can only eat prescription/bland food, not sure about giving him the pumpkin. He throws up milk bones! He's got a very sensitive tummy. Bullet has to get his glands squeezed every few months (I think he's got tiny hiney syndrome hahah)


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