Bullet LOVES Hills Science Diet Baked Light Biscuits!

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Bullet is a very picky eater, so if he likes something than you know it's good! When it comes to treats I like to give him the best and make sure it's healthy for him, all while he enjoys it. That's where the Light Biscuits come in!

Easily ordered off Chewy.com and delivered right to your door, these are made with REAL chicken so you can be sure you are feeding your furry kid something that is good for them. They are made with natural vitamins and are LIGHT so he/she won't get pudgy from treats!

There are no artificial flavors or artificial ingredients & it's considered a low calorie snack so if your pooch is trying to loose weight you don't have to take away treats, just feed them some healthy light biscuits!

They even look cute lol! They are easily breakable so even if you want to portion these you can!

Thank you to Chewy.com & Hills Science Diet for keeping my baby happy!

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