Family Cruisin' In Style With The 2016 CX-9

When you have a bigger family, there's no reason you need to sacrifice a stylish vehicle to accommodate everyone. That's why I love the 2016 Mazda CX-9. It's a 7 passenger SUV with a third row for seating, making sure everyone is comfortable, yet the style of the SUV is so sleek and amazing!

When my husband and I pulled up to the grocery store, a woman commented how nice it was and wanted to know what exactly it was so she could check it out and look into it! It certainly doesn't scream boring family SUV, it screams style and comfort!

It was pretty good on gas mileage, getting 27mpg on the highway. It was very comfortable to drive and the inside was well lit while driving, I could see the gauges clearly and it gave it a "cozy" feel.

The interior was unlike any other vehicle I've driven, the color scheme was amazing! It really stood out, every time someone got in the car or looked inside they said the same thing "wow".

I loved how easy it was to navigate the controls for the radio, it's a touch screen and is positioned up on the dash as opposed to being lower where you're more likely to take your eyes off the road. Plus it had convenient volume control on the steering wheel.

With the third row seating, I wondered if it would take away from the trunk, but it didn't. There was plenty of room for my things when I went shopping and for my husbands work gear.

This is an amazing family vehicle, full of room and convenience as well as being good on gas!

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