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There are many ways that we decorate our home to remind us of friends & family. Our loved ones are very important to us, and it's apparent when you walk in our homes when you see photos on the walls. I love the idea of creating a unique way to decorate your home with pictures of your loved ones. offers you just that! With gifts and custom products, you can see all of the great things that they offer here.

I had the opportunity to create a gift for my dad and I gave it to him for Christmas. He loved it! Here's what I created:

I love that I could put several photos on one canvas and I could make each picture bigger/smaller to show certain photos in a different way. The bottom left is one of everyones favorites of Bailey with sunglasses on, so I wanted to make sure that picture was one of the bigger ones. It was a lot of fun to create and extremely easy. The website is easy to navigate and I created this quickly.

Since this was a gift for my dad, I was happy that I could put personal photos of everyone to create one hangable canvas. They have a great gift guide that you can view to create unique and loving gifts for the next birthday or occasion you need a gift. Of course, you can also buy one for yourself :)

You can choose from more than a canvas print. They offer blankets, pillows and more! There's a wide variety so you're sure to find something that you or your loved one will like. 

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