New Year Roundup For Dogs!

In the New Year, we usually make ourselves some sort of resolution and the majority of those are to eat healthier and take better care of ourselves etc. I wanted to make a post to show you guys a list of some products for you & your pooch that I would recommend in the New Year!

The first thing I wanted to share is this amazing candle by Terri's Candles, and yes that is Bullet (my chihuahua) featured on the candle  "Precious Puppy" 😍

I wanted to feature this because let's face it, sometimes as much as we love our dogs they don't smell so fresh! Bullet gets groomed and usually smells great, but if he is out when it's raining etc he doesn't smell wonderful lol. This amazing scent helps mask any "dog" scent lingering in the house and I love it! 

The next thing I want to share with you is this new wet food that Bullet has been loving! It's made by Blue Buffalo and can be ordered from

I wanted to eat healthier in the New Year, I cut back on soda and started drinking a lot more water. I thought, why not make sure Bullet is eating healthier too? The Healthy Starts is flavored with beef & egg and he loves how it tastes and I feel good about giving it to him because it's grain free and made with chelated minerals to boost his immune system. It's loaded with vitamin B12 so it helps with gastrointestinal function and also the eggs are farm fresh!

So now that we've covered healthier food and a more fresh smelling home, there are times when I need to bathe Bullet at home if he walks in mud etc but he hates the hair dryer and is scared of it. I would normally get a towel and wrap him in it and hold him to dry, I thought "there has to be a better way to do this" and there is, with the Dri Tail Pet Rug from BH Pet Gear!

Not only is it cozy for him and soft, it soaks up much more water than a regular towel and with all of Bullets' hair that is a must! I don't have to worry about getting wet just because he is! It's also great when he comes in from the rain, a quick dry off and he's happy!

I love the fact that after I use it I can wash it in the washing machine and tumble dry it on low. It's extremely convenient. 

It has a skid resistant and non skid bottom, so I can lay it on the floor and let Bullet roll around and "dry himself off" on it without worrying. He loves to roll and wiggle when he's wet and this is perfect for that.

Bullet ended up going outside and stepping in chicken poop (gross) so he needed a bath. After using the Dri Tail Pet Rug he let me brush him and then cozied up for a nap with his girlfriend Sadie (she didn't mind since he no longer smelled like chicken poop)

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