Rachel Ray Nutrish Cat Food = Happy Cats!

Recently my cats had the opportunity to try out the Rachel Ray Nutrish Indoor Complete Chicken with Lentils & Salmon Recipe Dry Cat Food thanks to Chewy.com and they loved it!

It's high in protein and vitamins/minerals for your cat. It helps support a shiny coat & healthy skin. I noticed that my cats' hair seemed softer after being on this food. My one male cat has dry skin and tends to get dandruff, after eating this for the week I noticed a significant change!

The cats really enjoyed the flavor but I loved the fact that I was feeding them something that was giving them visible benefits! My one cat is missing some of her teeth and the kibbles were very small which made it easy for her to chew.

I would recommend this cat food to anyone to give to their cats!

Ordering is simple and Chewy.com ships right to your door!

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