Bailey's 30 Day Challenge Update!

You might remember my first post on Bailey's 30 day challenge with regarding the Tylee's Human Grade Food. If not, you can read it here.

I wanted to update you on how it's going!

When I opened the bag Bailey was excited! I was happy that I could see the vegetables! There were no tiny pieces, plain as day there they were! 

It was extremely easy to make for her. I just defrosted the food for her, that's it! She got human grade food without me having to cook it! Also, I didn't have to worry about any "dog food" smell, actually I couldn't smell anything at all!

Bailey seems to have more energy and (TMI) her stool is more regimented. The food seems to keep her going normally, no diarrhea or loose stool. 

Stay tuned for my final thoughts on this food and any other benefits I notice!

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