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Let's face it, we all lose stuff, I know I do a lot and it's annoying. It's much easier to be organized and well rounded when it comes to knowing where your stuff is and not having clutter. It doesn't matter if it's your shed, garage, kitchen etc they all contain items that need to be placed in a spot they won't be lost. You also sometimes just need to declutter!

That's where FECA comes in! They offer wall hooks in different sizes and colors. They are removable hooks that can be re-used, making it super simple.

I received 2, a large and a medium in rose bloom color and orange. 

The large hook holds up to 13 lbs and the medium holds up to 8 lbs. That is really good for suction hooks!

They are extremely easy to use, all I had to do was place it where I want it and push/lock into place.

I have a kitchen island where I can "hide" hanging items under the counter, but I never wanted to use screws and damage it, plus it has electric run to it and I certainly did not want any interference with that! This hook worked perfectly to hold a standard pot, and I could conveniently hang it under the counter where it's out of sight yet easy to grab. Makes for less clutter inside the island drawer and makes it easier to stack the remainder of the pots inside. Perfect for overflow items!

We also have a heavy duty lock that tends to get lost. We end up throwing it in the junk drawer when we aren't using it and somehow it constantly "walks". This made it super easy to hang the lock so we can easily get it and not misplace it.

These are perfect for tools in the shed/garage too! So great for organizing and since they don't damage the wall/surface by using any "sticky" material, you can use and reuse these and move them.

Be sure to check out their line of products for your organizing needs, they make a great gift too!

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