Pet Odor Protection In The Car!

There are times when we take our dogs for a ride or take them somewhere to run around, have fun and be active. We make our homes smell good and don't want any pet odors in our house, but what about our cars?

That's where One Fur All comes in! 

I received Lavander Green Tea, Fresh Citrus, Evergreen Forest & Sunwashed Cotton. They were all amazing and it's hard to pick a favorite. Since it's almost September I must admit that I'm in the Fall mode, so I'd probably have to go with Evergreen Forest as my favorite for this time of year, but they all smelled good.

Made with an odor neutralizer, these are meant to freshen your "pet-loving" cars and are great for smaller spaces, making them a great idea to hang in a laundry room as well! I know I wash a lot of blankets with three dogs, they each have their own blanket so I constantly am washing them to keep them smelling fresh. The laundry room however, ends up not so fresh at first. So these are a great idea for that too! Just hang up anywhere to keep that pet odor from "piling" up like laundry!

As with any air freshener, when you first open it, you don't want to take it out of the wrapper all the way. 

This ensures that it lasts longer and works the way it's supposed to! After some time you can remove the rest of the wrapper for the other portion to fill up the air!

My husband and I took our beagle and chihuahua to the beach, so they put this to the test with that wet dog smell. They had a blast running on the beach, rolling in the sand and swimming in the water. I can honestly say that on the ride back all I could smell was the aroma of this air freshener! It truly does neutralize pet odor and nothing is stronger than that wet dog smell. Until now :)

I would recommend this for anybody who has dogs! Even if you don't take them in your car often, for those check ups and yearly vet visits don't forget to stock up! Or, stick an air freshener in your laundry room! 

You can also pick up amazing candles from them! They got you covered in home and in your car! They make a great gift as well and you won't be disappointed.

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