Early Birthday Gift For Hubby!

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Paul's birthday is next month and I wanted to share with you the amazing gift I got him (even though it's a month early). We usually will go out to eat for his birthday and I get a him a gift. This year, I got him a BroBasket.

Paul has been trying to eat healthier lately, so I wanted to get him something that goes with that. I couldn't think of anything, I was stumped. I came across the Health Nut Cross Fit Gift and thought it was the perfect thing, I couldn't wait to get it.

 It came with a lot of goodies, all things that he could use/eat & he loved it. It was wrapped nicely when it arrived and he quickly opened it to see what was inside.

There were six cans of tuna (which he loves), six protein bars that are perfect for him at work, packs of jerky for a healthier snacking, four muscle milks he can enjoy before a workout & two packs of protein powder with a shaker bottle.

I also love the fact that it comes in a basket that you can re-use around your home. He had the good idea of using it at work in his locker to organize his stuff (toiletries). So, we emptied it out and put the basket on the counter for him to take with him to work. 

Even our cat loved the basket, we saw her sitting in it like she was going to sleep there hahahahha:

I'm so beyond thrilled that I could get him something he can actually use, like & enjoy! I was happy with the entire ordering process. The website is easy to navigate with a lot of options & after ordering the basket I chose it was at the door relatively quickly! It was packaged safely and securely for shipping. 

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