Loving The Maple Holistics Organic Natural Honey!

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Eating organic is important to me and even something as simple as a bagel for breakfast, needs to have organic ingredients in our house. That's why I paired our morning breakfast bagels with some organic all natural honey from Maple Holistics.

I love that it's in a easy to pour bottle, no mess! 

It tasted great and so fresh! I love that it's unfiltered and unprocessed with no artificial ingredients of anything!

The ingredients are simple:
100% all natural pure organic honey

Maple Holistics offers free samples and so much more (like their blog) so be sure to check them out!

I am so happy with this product, my husband loved it & we certainly want more when this bottle is out! Anything that you are eating is in direct correlation with your body, it's important to remember that. Not all foods are good for you & when it comes to Maple Holistics you can be sure you're getting the best all natural can offer!

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