My Cat's A Tiki Cat!

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You know I've featured my cats here on the blog several times and I wanted to share with you the new food they tried from it's called Tiki Cat After Dark

It's a canned food that is grain free, high in protein, low in carbs, contains minerals, high moisture & offers your kitty vitamins! Not to mention the fact that I'm a sucker for cute packaging and this is amazing! 

We received the variety pack and I was shocked when I opened one of the cans. Yes, SHOCKED! There are a lot of foods out their that have "real meat" or "natural ingredients" BUT the one can that contained quail egg actually contained an egg in it! I opened it up and there was a half of a tiny boiled egg in there! It doesn't get any  more natural than that!

It offered easy pull tabs so I could drain any excess liquid easily and offered a quick feeding. My cats are not patient so they were pleased I could put the food on their plates quicker!

The food itself looked like human food, literally! Here is a picture of some of the meats:

My cats enjoyed every bite! If you're looking for an amazing food for your cats with a lot of benefits added, than be sure to check these out! They are reasonably priced, and the packaging??!??!?! I'm sold :)

Jase says thanks for the full tummy!

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