Keep That Christmas Tree Fresh!

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It's that Season again, where people will decorate their homes for Christmas and put up a tree. There is  a lot of care that comes with that tree and sometimes it can be overwhelming and, honestly, a pain. You have to climb over presents under the tree to water it, hope that you don't break any of the ornaments, make sure not to spill the water and don't forget to be careful you don't scratch up your hand on any of those branches.

This is where the Evergreen Elf comes in!

Meet the Evergreen Elf™

This elf's monitoring will help you keep that tree freshly watered and protect your family from a tree fire by avoiding and of those dry needles! The tree stays freshly watered because of this elf monitoring the water levels so that you can do other things with your time.

He has a visual alert and an audio that works on batteries.

How cute?! Not to mention, as a firefighters wife I am constantly made aware of the dangers of a dry tree! He has seen too many fires at the Holidays, so this is such a great idea.

You can purchase this adorable little elf online here or you can click here to find a location near you!

If you purchase online use code RICHMANELF82

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