My Dogs Are Part Of The Wolf Pack!

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Blue Buffalo has been a well known dog food brand name for a while, so when my little guys were offered the opportunity to try some Wilderness Trail Trays I was excited, not only because I knew they would like them but because I knew it was good for them!

I love the "wolf pack" theme, I think it's adorable.

I received the chicken and duck flavors for them and I can honestly say they didn't have a preference because they ate both just as quickly! They were super excited when I opened the packaging and couldn't wait to eat.

I like that they had easy tear off lids, it made it convenient when I had my "wolf pack" barking for their food! I didn't have to get a can opener and make them wait any longer in anticipation!

There wasn't a ton of gravy inside which I like because it's not easily spilled.

It's all natural and grain free so if your furry friend has any allergies this is a superb idea for them. Deboned meat is the first ingredient in this so there isn't any meat byproducts or fillers. There is nothing artificial in this food so you can be sure you are feeding Fido something good for him.

You can order directly from and have it shipped to your door.

I'll leave this empty bowl here below so you can see it was licked clean :)

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