Hubby Loves His New Shredder Rakes!

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My husband has been telling me that he wanted a way to be able to make pulled pork and chicken easier, without having to do it by hand when it was hot. He was super excited when I was contacted by Cave Tools to try out their pulled pork shredder rakes

They were super simple to use and made the prep time so much quicker! We were able to get the food on the table quick and hubby didn't have to burn his hands either. He also said that he was able to get more meat off the bone with these than just his hands because they can really get close to the bone.

Here's a picture of him using them:

If you're looking for a great product to help with your meats than look no further! Check out the link above for all their amazing products and also if you use code MEATCLAW15 you can get 15% OFF!

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