Loving The Pink Zebra!

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There are products that come along once in a blue moon that you just know are going to be great. I was extremely excited to try out some products from Pink Zebra, a company that not only provides their customers with great products, but also offers fundraisers as well!

I love a company that thinks of others and is willing to do fundraisers to help a good cause, sports teams etc. There is just so much possible out there to get involved in and I love the concept! If you want to know more about their story, how they got started and a little bit more about their founders, watch the video below to learn all about it:

They offer so many different types of products but my favorite is their "soaks". I received a bottle along with, well let me just stop typing on and on about it and show you!

There are 25 fragrances to choose from and they are skin and pet safe! That's important to me since I have 3 dogs and 2 cats in the house. 

I put mine on the toilet in the bathroom, not only to of course make it smell nice in there, but also to give it a little flair/decoration.

It smells amazing and fills up my bathroom! You can smell it the minute you walk in the door. A little goes a long way too, so these make the perfect gift! They come in adorable boxes:

They also offer simmer pots with different scents of "sprinkles". 

You simply plug them in and let it do the rest. It makes your house smell so good, and fills up the room making it cozy and helps block out any pet odor that you might have lingering. No need to burn a candle and worry if you blew it out, if the wick is too high etc. It's amazing how many different scents they offer, be sure to check out their online catalog at the link above. They are sure to have something you'll love! 

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