The Build Book Review

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The Build reveals the "behind the scenes" story of the popular TV reality series American Chopper for the show's millions of fans.  
Author Paul Teutul, Jr., is arguably the most creative builder of custom "chopper" motorcycles in the world.  His talents were revealed to millions of TV viewers worldwide on American Chopper, as well as later on a spinoff series, American Chopper Senior vs JuniorThe Build gives the reader at Paul Jr.'s life behind the camera, which included volcanic conflict with his father and business mentor, Paul Sr. Using his own story of improbable success as an illustration, Paul Jr. offers insights on how anyone can find and activate often hidden talents.  In a charming, often humorous way, The Build is a rallying cry to unleash God-designed creativity and live life to the fullest.

Being a fan of the show, I was excited to get this for my husband. 
It's a rather small book, you would think it would be filled with more pages considering all the drama that came with the show, but it was still a good read.

It's more of a behind the scenes look at the show and SR vs JR. It's a interesting glimpse into the fact that these are real people with real feelings no matter what tv wants to portray. The book is raw and honest, unlike the editing on a tv show.

I'd recommend it if you're a fan!

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