Frisco Cat Litter Helps Your Cats Cover Their Business!

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Cat litter can be a blessing or torture, depending on how it works on odors and it's important to make sure you have a good strong litter. I was really happy with the Frisco Multi Cat Clumping Cat Litter from

It arrived at my door and I couldn't wait to switch it out with the litter I was using at that time. That's why I love ordering from because it arrives super quickly and is packaged so well.

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It came in a 40lb bag and was easy to open. I poured it in and waited for the cats to react. They acted no different and used it without issue, than I watched it clump instantly, which was great because I don't like wet litter getting dragged all over the floor when they get out!

It's made of all natural clay, so I can feel good that they aren't standing in a bunch of chemicals and that my family isn't breathing in chemicals either. When I first poured it I was amazed at how little dust kicked up, I could clearly see how much better it was going to be!

I'm happy there's no "cat" odor in my home and my cats are happy there's no obvious change in their litter boxes! They have more important things to do like nap :)

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