Keep Your Hair Happy With The Shampoo Brush

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Happy Hair is healthy, shiny hair with no dandruff or product build-up!
You Can Start Making your Hair and Scalp Happy by Using a Shampoo Brush
6 Reasons Why You Should Use a Shampoo Brush
A Shampoo Brush Will...
1. Distribute Hair Products Evenly
2. De-Tangle Hair
3. Massage and Take Care of your Scalp --
Increasing circulation and blood flow can promote hair growth and reduce stress
4. Make Hair Care Easier for Seniors & Those with Special Needs
5. Help Control Dandruff
6. Get Rid of Hair Product Build-up

I received 2 of these to try out, so I used one and had my husband try the other. I liked the idea of helping circulation (which helps with hair growth) and hubby gets dandruff in the winter so it was the perfect product for us to try.

The bottoms that touch your hair and scalp area have little bumps that feel like you are getting a massage. I used mine without my hair being wet, just for the massage like experience and for the circulating of the blood flow. Hubby used his with shampoo to help with dry scalp.  We were both really impressed with how easy it was to use, and the finger holes make a grip easy!

To get one of these for yourself, or a gift for someone else, visit the McNaughton Inc website and pick this up!

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