Kaytee Cuddle-E-Cup Plush Small Animal Bed

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As most of you know, we have a ferret named Rocky. Recently, I had the opportunity to receive a bed for him from Chewy.com

It's the Kaytee Cuddle-E Plush Small Animal Bed. It's a 12 inch plush bed that provides a snuggly place for your little critter to cuddle. We received the green bed.

The inside is extremely soft, and I have decided to put my hand inside it to demonstrate the size:

As you can see the back is high so they can snuggle in and it also has a clip on the bottom of it in the back, so that you can secure it to the cage and it won't move around. 

It was a big hit here, I can honestly say I was excited to put it in our ferrets cage. However, someone else had a different idea in mind:

Although it's two sizes too small for him, he doesn't care! It's obviously that comfortable and warm! If he lets me, I'll be putting it in the cage for the ferret where it belongs. IF he let's me :)

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