Keeping Bailey's Teeth Healthy!

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Bailey is our english mastiff, and on occasion, she has bad breath. It's a dog thing right?! However, it's important to make sure that your dog is eating a kibble that supports their oral care.

She's never once needed a cleaning on her teeth/gums and I strongly believe it's due to her diet. I know that there are breeds that are prone to oral health problems (my chihuahua for example) but if your dog isn't a breed who is susceptible to it, than maintaining a good oral care for your pup can really benefit them. She's nine years old, will be turning ten in June and the vet still says how great her teeth are!
I have been an advocate for Hills Science Diet dog food for a long time, because I can clearly see the benefits my dogs have gotten from there food. 

Here's a little secret:

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The oral care is meant to help clean teeth and freshen breath while helping reduce plaque and tarter buildup.

It's made from natural ingredients which is extremely important to me. There is no artificial preservatives or anything of that sort! 

It's a larger kibble and apparently tastes great (according to Bailey) and you can feel good giving it to your pup because it's good for them. 

I order monthly from for all needs for my "kids" with lightening fast shipping. It's usually at my door in one to two days!

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