The Burger Press Patty Maker By Cave Tools

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I don't like buying frozen products from the store, I like making things from home. A lot of times we will make our own burgers from ground meat and then freeze them, so we know there isn't a lot of fillers and preservatives in them. Sometimes, it can be messy and it's not safe to touch the raw meat. That's where the burger press patty maker from Cave Tools comes in!

Cave Tools

It makes prep time a lot faster and clean up is a breeze!

There's an indicator line so that you can easily fill it to a 1/4 pounder or you can completely fill it for an even bigger burger!

It helps make your burgers consistent and the hamburger press handle makes it easier on you.

They offer a lifetime guarantee on this product so there is no need to worry! This makes a great gift for that avid meat lover in your life, especially with BBQ season right around the bend!

You can get 15% off your order with code BURGER15

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