Taking Care of Your Skin!

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Taking care of your skin is extremely important and keeping it hydrated during the cold months is essential. There's nothing attractive about itchy skin from the cold weather drying you out! I end up not wanting to put any makeup on because it makes it feel worse. 

There's a few products I wanted to share with you that are currently helping me out this season! They are the newest products from Lady Soma.

First is the toner made with sea salt and bee pollen.

I have large pores and this is specifically formulated to help close pores and rebalance the levels of pH in your skin. It's hypoallergenic so even those with the touchiest of skin can use this! It's extremely easy to use, I simply pour it on a cotton swab, no mess no fuss! 

The next item is my favorite because it's extremely moisturizing and smells amazing! It's the Ocean Mineral Restorative Moisturizer and offers a clean scent.

This not only helped keep my skin moisturized but it also helped fill in some of the fine lines I've noticed appearing around my eyes. It's consistency is like a thick cream, not runny at all and goes on smooth. It's easy to blend in and leaves your face feeling smooth and smelling great.

Of course we can't forget about their lip balm!

I'm the type of person that wears lip balm all year long. The mint tingle lip balm that they offer not only helps my lips keep moisturized but it also has a minty tingle. It's filled with antioxidants and goes on smooth. Easy twist bottom lends you a hand with keeping it at just the right amount.

All of their  products are made in the USA. They use small batch production, which means they produce products in small batches every three months to ensure the freshest quality. The manufacturing facility in Oregon is powered using 80% wind energy, and 15% solar power energy. 

They are extremely eco friendly so you can be sure you are helping the environment while helping your skin!

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