Bailey's 30 Day Challenge With Comes To An End!

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All month Bailey has been enjoying some Rachel Ray Nutrish Wetlands Recipe  from and she's been very happy!

You can read my last post regarding the food itself and more about the company itself here in case you missed it.

So, after the challenge, how did Bailey feel? To me, her hair seems softer which tells me her coat is healthier because of the food, what 
you put in your body shows on the outside with its benefits. I think that says a lot for a dog food when she has a transformation in this short period of the challenge. 

She also seemed to be "going" more regularly, which is important, because just like humans she has to maintain a proper GI routine and diet. 

The price is amazing for the benefits, and I would recommend this food to anybody looking to feed their dogs something that's good for them, yet won't take all your money! Let's face it, we are all human and there's only so much money that we have, but we still want the best for our pups. You'll find it with this food!

The same picture I started this series with (where she ate a hole in the bag before I opened it because she was excited) I'm going to end with. I think it says it all!

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