My Cats Are In The Kitchen With Weruva!

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From time to time I like having something special for my cats. I put a little bit of gravy on their food and when offered to send them some wet food in gravy I thought it was the perfect combo!

The Weruva Variety Pack is a grain free cat food that has 12 different pouches and 6 different flavors.

The pouches are extremely easy to open and pour out, I don't need to mess with can openers or worry about spilling. The food is high in protein and contains vitamins and minerals to help your furry friends health. It also contains taurine which is amazing at guarding the heart and helps with overall care. There are no grains, gluten, potatoes, GMO's, MSG or carrageenan so it's perfect for cats with allergies!

Here is what the food looks like when I put it on their plate (I mixed two kinds so you can see better)

My cats enjoyed it and wanted more! Even my picky eater enjoyed it, so I'd say they give it four paws up, and I'm thrilled they love something that is good for them.

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