No Need For Awkwardness!

Many of us have had awkward moments in our dating lives, some of you might have even felt extremely awkward on a blind date or with someone that you really did not know well. 

Who wants to deal with that? There has got to be a better way right?!

There are so many ways to meet people and some of you have already found that special person. But, what about those who have not? Have you tried online dating sites? If you're at the point where you are thinking that you are never going to find "the one", do not settle! Get out there, because you will never find that person unless you put yourself out there in the dating community!

There are plenty of free dating sites you can check out too, you do not need to spend a fortune finding your soul mate. 

What if you are avoiding meeting people because you feel you are overly cautious? You do not trust people easily, so what is wrong with that? Nothing! It is good be cautious and that is where Ask For Angela comes in!

Ask for Angela is a campaign that was launched last year through Lincolnshire County Council and has been followed by other areas of the UK too. 

So, what exactly is it? It is meant to help people that are on a date where they might feel uncomfortable with the person they are with that night. If you are feeling vulnerable in a club/pub you can easily approach the staff there and ask for help in being separated from that person/date.

It is discreet, simple to do and helps the person who feels vulnerable. When a person approaches the staff and asks for Angela, the staff immediately knows that he/she needs to be taken to a safe location away from the person causing them to feel this way.

There is help out there, and with this option you don't have to worry about how to break away from that date. The bar/pub staff can call you a taxi, your friends/family and/or ask the person causing the distress to leave the establishment.

With such a great idea in place, you no longer have to hold yourself back for fear of finding someone that makes you uncomfortable. You have options, you do not need to settle and you absolutely do not have to stay on a uncomfortable date!

I am in love with this concept because it puts our minds at ease when it comes to safety and dating. Let's face it, we all know that not every person we come in contact with is a great and/or trusting person. So, it makes sense that if we are ever in a situation where we are looking for help, Ask for Angela is there to help us! 

So, get out there and find the one! You can feel better about doing so, and in return you just might find him/her.

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