Live In The Now

You only have a short time on this Earth to live your life. Although it feels like time moves very slowly when we are younger, we realize that as we age, it seems like time will not stop. Each year goes by faster than the last and it’s hard to really soak in all of the precious moments that we are creating because we are so focused on work, school, or other more challenging aspects of our life. We need to cut this out and instead, focus on what is in front of us. This is hard to do because we live in a world that is so centered around work, social media, and technology, but it is possible. If you want to know how you can live your life to the fullest, keep reading!

Let go of bad vibes

Say no to negativity and focus on happiness, love, and healthy relationships. Huffington Post says: “We’re attracted to negativity because it entertains us, and it does so by giving us the opportunity to delight in misfortune — a thing no one would bother doing if they were happy. It’s not that happy people walk around in bubbles of ignorance; they just know what a mess of self-loathing is involved with all that outwardly projected hate and they avoid it by not participating — which makes them seem uninteresting.” All this does is drag us down and makes us unhappy. Let’s find a way to spread positive and happy vibes, in order to make ourselves and the rest of the world a happier place!

Don’t let anyone hold you back

I cannot stress this enough - do not let anyone hold you back from doing what you want to do. Do not let their fears get in the way of your success when it comes to a happy life. If you want to jump off a cliff in Jamaica, do it. Don’t let someone tell you that there could be a shark waiting for you. If you want to skydive, do it. A lot of the time, people hold you back because they are jealous. With social media being in the front of our lives, people constantly play ‘keeping up with the jones’’ in everyday life now. Ignore those telling you no, or giving you horror stories and do what you want to do, when you want to do it.

Say yes

There are so many amazing opportunities for you out there and the only way you will get to experience them is by saying yes. A lot of the time, saying yes will get you out of your comfort zone and that is a good thing, in my opinion. According to Forbes, “Fear is a valuable thing. It keeps people safe and encourages caution when caution is due. But it's also a limiting thing: Not everything you're afraid of deserves fear or caution. And sometimes, moments of bravery are what are needed to make your life better.” Saying yes opens more doors for you, creates a more fulfilling and colorful world for you to live in, and it also promotes positivity in your life and others lives around you.

Take care of your body

Just like we only have one life, we only have one body and if we do not take care of it starting at a young age, we will pay for it in the future. Pain seems to be one of those things that a lot of people end up dealing with, starting at a young age, but let’s start spreading awareness, in order to prevent it. There are many ways to eliminate pain and take care of your body. One New Jersey business that focus’ on pain relief, in order to enjoy life is AllCure Spine & Sports Medicine. AllCure Spine & Sports Medicine is a family-owned practice that uses emerging, non-surgical treatments to provide long lasting relief from pain. Owner and clinic director, Dr. Anthony Alfieri believes that an integrated approach is the best way to tackle physical rehabilitation and pain management. This is why they offer four different types of doctors under one roof, providing services such as pain management physiatry, acupuncture, physical therapy, chiropractic, massage, and more. Living your life to the fullest also means that you need to feel your best and companies like AllCure Spine & Sports Medicine can help you achieve those goals.

Do what you love

When it comes down to it, the only way you will live life to the fullest is by doing what you love. That is what it all stems to. Gone are the days when you have to sit at a desk for 10 hours straight, in order to pay your bills. While I believe technology can put stresses in our lives, I also think there is a really huge benefit to using it on a daily basis. There are so many ways to work remotely now and I believe that everyone should take advantage of it. Businesses do better when their employees are happy and employees are happiest when they have freedom to do what they want and need in life.

Put down your phone

Put that phone down and focus on the moment that is in front of you. Being a blogger, this is very hard, but when I do it successfully, I have found that I am less stressed, create better memories, and I have enjoyed my day more than when I constantly video my day. By having our noses in our phone (looking at other peoples days), it is limiting how great our day can be and we are not forming the connections with our family and friends like we used to. Put the phone down and spend much deserved time with your people.

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