4 Things Dogs Teach Humans About Life

As dog owners, we are the ones in charge who make the big decisions for our pets. We take them for a walk, buy their food, and give them instructions. The consensus is that the owners are in charge and the animals learn from their masters. This is blindingly obvious when dogs learn new tricks. However, canines are by no means stupid. Granted, they aren’t as intelligent as humans, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have a lot to offer. The simple fact is that pooches are more than stress-relievers and cuddly cushions - they’re role models. Okay, it seems a little far-fetched now, but wait until you read about the four things owners learn from their animals. The following may be a huge surprise.

The Beauty Of Sleep

It isn’t that people can’t understand the benefits. We are well versed in how a lack of rest can impact our bodies. The issue is a routine. There is so much going on in one day that it’s difficult to get to sleep early. Rather than hit the hay at ten o’clock, there is something to watch on TV or one last email to send when we should be checking out mattress.review for advice. Sleep isn’t elusive to dogs. Whenever they feel the urge to take a nap, they do it at any time in any place. Look and learn, people, look and learn. 

Time To Play The Game

As the saying goes, a person needs a healthy balance between work and play. Usually, though, the emphasis is on staying in the office rather than playing out with friends and family. Careers drive life, and that means some of us forget to be kids or grow up too quickly. Owning a pooch stops this from happening because they play every single day. And, as they are happy, it often rubs off on us. The next time you see a dog play, remember that you should do the same too.

Stay Hydrated

Now that the summer is here, there isn’t a better time to top up on the body’s H2O levels. As the temps increase, we need more and more water to prevent overheating and exhaustion. Sadly, the average person only drinks half of the recommended daily amount on a regular basis. If this blog isn’t enough, cosmopolitan.com should convince the rest of the non-believers. Working out how much you need to drink and checking your pee are two options, yet you can take a look at the dog. When he/she slurps around their bowl, ask yourself: how’s your H2O game?

The Art Of Self Defence

Some people hate whiny, yappy dogs, but there is a moral to their story. Little dog syndrome is a thing, and it occurs because canines aren’t afraid to fight their corner. Sure, it may get them in too deep from time to time, but at least they are true to themselves. Think about this the next time you see a chihuahua take on a Doberman!

What are the things that your dog teaches you about life, directly or indirectly? 

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