All American Interiors For An All American Home

There are plenty of design trends on the market at the moment. From classically British to feng shui, 
sophisticated designs are making their way across the pond. And, homeowners are going mad to instill them into 
their homes. Imagine owning a house fit for a prince and princess.

It’s easy to forget that America has its style and it’s pretty impressive. Sure, there are plenty of them, too, 
but the classical one is the little house on the prairie. The white picket fence and a lush lawn are enough to make 
any neighbor envious. Not to sound xenophobic, but screw the Brits and the Japanese!

Sadly, all American interiors have been losing out to the influx of styles from around the globe. As beautiful as 
they are, it’s always nice to remember why, as Americans, we love the US of A and everything it has to 
offer. If you’re feeling the surge of patriotism coursing through your veins, these interior design tips are for you.

Timeless Elegance

One thing that houses from the South and Midwest share is their love of timeless elegance. Whereas 
modern states are obsessed with gadgets and gizmos, people in “rural” America like to keep it simple. And, 
they love the old-fashioned style because it is a reminder of a more basic era. There is no need to worry 
about stock market fluctuations and Hollywood politics on the porch or a French colonial property. With this in 
mind, it’s essential that the interior and exterior have classical features. Begin with the color scheme as 
this often sets the tone. Whites and creams are perfect as they are neutral and light. Anything too bold and 
bright will appear out of place. Next, focus on the focal points. A sofa, for instance, should be thick and 
made from fabric, not leather. A drinks cabinet doesn’t go amiss, either.

Deep Porch

Take a drive through the south of America and you’ll find one thing – a porch. There are many reasons for this, 
but the main two are the climate and sense of community. Staying indoors is almost impossible during the 
summer months when they mercury tops 120 ° Fahrenheit. Of course, there is no air conditioning unit to help 
because this isn’t timeless or elegant. So, the porch is where people tend to take refuge. Size matters as a deep 
landing is a great base. With lots of floor space, you can add an armchair as well as flowers and plants. A ceiling 
fan is always a welcome addition, too. Don’t worry about standing out as you can paint it white so it merges with \the porch roof.

Plantation Shutters

Nothing says all American more than plantation shutters. As the name suggests, they were used 
predominantly on agricultural estates in the slave-trade era. If this makes you uncomfortable, remember that the window dressing is a style choice, not a lifestyle one. They are popular not because of a sense of 
community, but because they keep the temps low. It’s impossible to go the whole day without being inside at 
some point. When you are, there is no need to sweat through the hardwood flooring! 
You may need replacement windows so that they fit, yet shutters are worth the hassle as they increase airflow 
in the home. Also, they merge perfectly with the rest of the house as they are light and traditional.

Raised Platforms

Okay, this is a difficult feature to add after the fact. However, living in the South and Midwest of the country 
means that elevation is necessary so it should be there from the beginning. In recent history to this very day, bad weather has battered this part of the country, leaving it vulnerable to flooding. If a river runs underneath the 
foundations, it’s good night and God bless. Raising the house protects it from hurricanes and strong rains when 
they inevitably arrive. And, let’s face facts – it puts the property on a pedestal for the neighborhood to see.

Old And New

Opting for traditional over modern is a savvy touch, one that will scream “USA!” The problem is that this 
attitude isn’t conducive to contemporary society. Everyone, including the rural folk, needs an internet 
connection or an appliance that prepares food in minutes. Otherwise, like gets twice as tricky. The trick is to 
incorporate them with subtlety. Resist the urge to bulk buy and only get what you need. Also, put them next to 
tradition features to create a stunning contrast.

What do you prefer – American or imported?

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